Best Gold IRA Investment Companies Walkthrough

By | June 6, 2022

Precious Metals Investment Guide: Top Gold IRA Investment Companies Today

With the growing risk of inflation and the uncertain future of the stock market, many investors are turning to precious metals to protect their retirement savings. Gold IRA, in particular, is a popular choice for investors looking for a haven for their money. But with so many different gold IRA companies out there, it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the top gold IRA investment companies today.

First of all, gold IRA investments are an excellent way to diversify and protect your retirement savings. These investments offer several benefits, including keeping up with inflation and secured ways of portfolio diversification. Certainly, gold-backed IRA investments can offer you peace of mind knowing that your future is secure.

Here are several reasons why gold IRA Investment has become popular in the recent years: 

  • Safe and Secure Gold Investment: One reason for the rising demand for precious metals IRA investment is that gold is seen as a safe-haven asset. It tends to hold its value even during economic or political turmoil.
  • Offers Financial Protection: Because gold is not subject to the same volatility as other assets such as stocks and bonds, it is an ideal investment for those looking to protect their wealth from inflation or other economic uncertainties. 
  • Tax Advantages: Finally, gold IRA investments offer tax advantages, which can further increase the returns earned on the investment. 

However, because gold is a significant investment, you need to find a suitable gold Investing partner to walk you from the beginning to the end of the process.

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Best Partners for Gold IRA Investing

The gold IRA investing industry is filled with risks and uncertainties. That is why this list of the best gold IRA companies today is specifically written to offer relevant information about gold and silver IRA companies you can choose from as you start investing in gold IRA.

Advantage Gold

First on our list is Advantage Gold. Advantage Gold IRA company has thousands of happy customers, so their gold investment options are a good start for those just beginning to invest in precious metals IRA or those who plan for a gold IRA rollover from other investment accounts. 

Advantage gold offers a safety net that ensures timely payment in maturity without risks, at the correct face value. This company is also known for providing excellent service to those who want to invest in a gold IRA. In addition, Advantage Gold BBB profile has an A+ rating which ensures the legitimacy of this popular precious metals investing company.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold IRA company is a leading option for those buying gold for retirement plans. The company was founded in 2015 as a family-owned business and is an expert at helping investors buy gold for IRA investments.

In addition, their clients have praised them for their premium service. The company has high trust ratings on Trustpilot (A+), TrustLink(BBB), Google reviews, and other BBB databases like the Business Consumer Alliance. These are not only testimonials from customers who were helped by the business in owning gold IRA accounts but a result of superior quality service compared to their competitors.


APMEX is another trusted gold IRA investing partner for precious metals investment portfolio diversification. The company was founded in 2000 and has provided high-quality products to customers. It boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has processed more than $11 billion worth of transactions in the past two decades.

This company is a well-competing option in buying and selling precious metals for IRA investment accounts. On top of that, this company ensures that its customers receive the highest quality service in Precious metals investment and offer free shipping for orders above $199.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals, a family-owned company, is a gold IRA investment firm specializing in precious metals investment. The company has been in existence for ten years and has helped hundreds of clients secure their retirement with Augusta Precious Metals IRA. 

Augusta gold and silver IRA programs are also known for helping their clients set up an IRA or transfer their existing retirement plans to create a hedge against economic challenges that might happen in the future. 

Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges is a company that trades precious metals worldwide, making it one of the popular options for buying gold and silver for IRAs.

This company offers many options available to investors when buying physical gold and silver. Purchasing precious metals through a precious metals investment broker is one of the most popular options for gold investors, and this company can help you with that.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold IRA company, a trusted and established gold IRA company, specializes in helping clients protect their wealth through gold investments. The company aims to ensure that each client gets personal attention. Hence, every Birch Gold Group review on the internet is dominantly positive, making them popular for new gold investors.

Gold Co.

As gold investment industry professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience, Goldco understands how to invest your hard-earned money efficiently. 

Goldco IRA company specializes in providing secure and hassle-free retirement plans. In addition, Goldco precious metals investment company offers traditional IRA accounts and SEP/SIMPLE accounts. This company is known for taking action on customers’ concerns and needs. You can look for Goldco reviews available online if you need details about the Goldco affiliate program and Goldco fees. 

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JM Bullion

JM Bullion is an industry leader in providing customers with the best experience. They offer a user-friendly website, transparent pricing structure, and dedicated support for those who want to invest in gold online, making them stand out from other companies.

Their product range is extensive and includes top-rated precious IRA options for gold, silver, or platinum coins and bars.

Lear Capital

Lear Capital makes it easy to invest in precious metals by offering precious metals investment guides. On top of that, TrustLink currently rates the company at 4.5 stars. In addition, the no-fee buyback policy makes their offers attractive for those who want to invest in gold for retirement.

Lear Capital created an online platform that allows long-term precious metals investing. You can access live prices, and a team expert from the company can help you make the right decision through their simple-to-use website.

Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital offers a unique opportunity for people interested in precious metals investing. With Lexi Capital’s personalized portfolio plan, investors can invest in gold. It offers several services to investors, both new and seasoned, to provide a real-time market analysis based on gold investment price trends. 

Noble Gold

Noble Gold offers unique collectible precious metal coins and quick-setup Gold IRAs. In addition, this company offers precious metals services and self-directed IRA accounts. 

Noble Gold IRA programs also offer options for investors of all kinds and provide top-notch customer support making it one of the best gold IRA companies today. Many Noble Gold reviews online offer positive feedback about the company, providing quality service and legitimate offers.

Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange has served the needs of precious metal consumers for over five decades. It allows customers to invest in precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. In addition, this company helps its clients in matters of owning gold in IRA accounts. On top of that, their online platform allows for secure trading of gold bars and coins and other options like signing IRAs with silver or even platinum metals.

Oxford Gold Group

Although Oxford Gold Group is a new company, they have hundreds of satisfied clients already trusting in the advantage of gold investment. The company specializes in selling and buying gold for investment, and they offer clients in the United States accessible gold retirement investments while staying committed to premium customer service. This is done by eliminating expensive commissions and allowing their IRA consultants to specialize in each product line. 

This company offers personalized service, unlike any other 401k gold IRA plan firm, this company offers personalized service. In addition, this company also deals with purchasing silver and other precious metals.

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Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group is a full-service precious metals investment company that offers a no-commission-for-life policy. In addition, the company’s 401k gold IRA rollover programs are a great way for you to tax-efficiently fund your retirement accounts. Clients who need more information about Gold IRA pros and cons can find help from an IRA specialist from this company.

Provident Metals

Provident Metals is one of the top precious metals dealers today that sells bullion and other investment-grade materials. Provident Metals was created to fulfill the unique needs of clients who want to invest in gold bullion. They have the best selection of high-quality silver and gold coins. You will be happy with their wide selection and affordable prices. On top of that, they offer an upfront gold investment guide to their clients.

Regal Assets CA

Regal Assets, a top-rated gold IRA company, has been featured in magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg. In addition, Regal Assets’ Better Business Bureau rating of A+ gives you peace of mind knowing that your gold investments during inflation periods are being protected by an organization that you can trust. They are also able to give you accurate information about the options available so there is no surprise. On top of that, Regal Assets’ gold prices are honest and in line with the world gold market standard.

Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital is one of the best gold IRA investing options if you’re looking for precious metals bullion and coins. They have high-quality products at reasonable prices and various options, including IRA packages that allow investors to secure their precious metals investments through retirement accounts.

Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull has a stellar online reputation. They have received numerous positive reviews about their customer service, overall performance, and organization.

Silver Gold Bull is top-rated overall based on customer feedback. The company’s Trustpilot score is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, over two hundred thousand gold IRA company reviews have given them a 5-star rating for their outstanding customer service.

United Gold Direct

Another great option in precious metals investing is United Gold Direct. The company has years of experience in precious metals investments. They work closely with collectors, banks, and investors to protect their clients’ bullion from theft or damage. With the help of an IRA advisor assigned for each of their clients, they have helped many investors to set up gold IRA investments.

USA Gold Bureau

Last on our list is USA Gold Bureau, the Austin-based company that offers secure storage and free phone consultations. The company’s website provides tons of information, including gold investing news and gold investment guides to help their clients.

Founded under the desire to bring integrity and trust to all aspects of the precious metals investing process, this company aims to go beyond its client’s expectations. In addition, their gold IRA specialists understand the choices and essential aspects to consider in gold investing which ensures that their clients are in good hands.

Best Options to Start a Gold IRA investment

There are some different ways to start a gold IRA investment. Therefore, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of each approach before making a decision. 

The most popular option when starting a gold IRA account is a gold IRA rollover or 401K to gold IRA rollover, which involves transferring funds from an existing retirement account into one that consists entirely of a physical gold IRA.

Purchasing gold at spot prices is another option for those looking to start a gold IRA. Investors are simply buying the metal itself when buying gold at spot prices, without any added fees or commissions. However, finding help from a gold IRA company can make starting a gold IRA investment much easier, as you will have someone to guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions that may arise.

Our Top Pick: Best Gold IRA Companies to Invest with

Based on our assessment and after a thorough comparison of reliable precious metals IRA reviews online, we came up with a list of top gold IRA companies that we highly recommend regardless of your investment objectives.

Top-rated gold IRA companies:

  • Gold Co.
  • Augusta Precious Metals
  • Birch Gold Group
  • Regal Assets
  • Noble Gold

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Enjoy the Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Buying gold for investment offers a security and inflation hedge making it an important decision for every individual planning retirement. As evident in the list of top gold IRA companies, there are various reputable gold investment options to choose from when investing in precious metals.

Therefore, it is essential to do your research before selecting any company, as each one offers different services and benefits. By comparing gold IRA company reviews and investigating what each company has to offer, you can be confident that you are making a sound investment decision that will meet your individual needs.

Have you decided on a gold IRA provider yet? If not, consider one of the many highly-rated companies listed above.