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Profit-Taking Wreaks Havoc on Gold & Silver Prices

Heavy-handed profit-taking on behalf of the world’s institutional investors led to substantially lower gold and silver prices Wednesday, after two consecutive trading days in which both metals saw significant gains. As of 11am Texas time the gold spot price had … Read More

U.S. Mint Running Short On Silver Coins

The United States Mint was already on thin ice with American investors after revealing that it would suspend sales of the one-tenth (1/10) ounce gold Eagle coins as well as the Proof version of silver Eagle coins, and that silver … Read More

Gold Up 1.5 Percent, Silver Gains 2.1 Percent Following ECB Rate Cut

Gold and silver gained in the trading session on Thursday on news the European Central Bank has cut interest rates for the first time in 10 months to a record low of 0.5 percent, a move seen as bullish for … Read More

10 Most Popular Gold & Silver Bullion Products

As we find ourselves in the midst of one of the best precious metals buying opportunities in history, demand for gold and silver bullion products is on the rise. If you’re considering buying gold or silver to profit and protect … Read More

Could You Soon Be Paying Your Bills With Gold and Silver Coins?

It appears that more and more states do not trust the Federal Reserve these days. With Texas constructing legislature to house its $1 billion of gold bars within state lines and others authorizing the use of gold and silver coins … Read More

Best Gold Silver Coins for Investment

The market is right for gold and silver coin investment. Market instability and rising inflation are leading more and more investors to buy gold and silver coins to hedge their finances in these difficult economic times. Gold and Silver Coins … Read More