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Buying Real Gold & Silver vs. Derivatives

Is buying real gold and silver worth the hassle of taking delivery, paying for shipment of the metals to and from a depository and then paying for storage costs each year? That is a question I have been asked countless … Read More

Why is the Gold Silver Ratio Important?

The gold silver ratio has been discussed with more frequency as of late, and I have been receiving numerous requests from readers to discuss the gold silver ratio in detail. Your wish is my command. First, however, we must define … Read More

How To Cope With Gold And Silver Shortages

Gold and silver dealers have been scrambling to stock up enough metals for what is predicted to be one of the most profitable summers for precious metals in years, but a supply shortage of both gold and silver has dealers … Read More

Why Arizona’s Gold and Silver Law Needed to Fail

The recent failure of Arizona’s “Sound Money” law has many conservative Americans up in arms over Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of the measure, but the real frustration should be directed at those who wrote, sponsored and pushed the bill … Read More