Silver Cost

As droves of investors are breaking free of the strangle hold that Wall Street and Washington had on their portfolios and retirement accounts, more and more are exploring investments in precious metals, in the hopes of revitalizing their depleted portfolios and retirement accounts. Precious metals investments have historically protected and even perpetuated wealth, during times when printed, or fiat currency values are depleted. It is widely accepted practice to diversify precious metals investments, and as gold usually takes the investment spotlight, with silver usually “playing second fiddle”. Silver cost remains very affordable, as silver could prove to be a “sleeper investment” during the current economic cycle of inflation and dollar devaluation.

When considering investor dollars, silver cost is hardly an issue, but percentage-wise, it’s hard to argue with silver’s increase of up to 400%, since 2001. Projections for silver cost are expecting it to reach $25 an ounce by the end of the year, and although the drop-off in the automotive industry has temporarily quelled demands for silver, other technological advances could easily reverse this trend. For example, the military has incorporated silver into the fabric of its’ government issued skivvies. One of silver’s little-known properties is odor absorption, and our brave military men and women benefit from this technology, as do our astronauts in the space program. Investors and collectors can also benefit from the beauty of silver coins like Morgan Silver Dollars, or Peace Dollars. Consult a large- volume precious metal dealer, like the Certified Gold Exchange, for assistance on any silver investment you are considering.

Linda Hess

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