Obamacare Enrollees Unhappy With Their Healthcare Coverage

Obamacare Enrollees Unhappy With Their Healthcare Coverage







A Deloitte poll has shown that just 30% of Obamacare enrollees are satisfied with the service, significantly lower than any other healthcare service. The poll, carried out by Deloitte’s healthcare research arm, also showed that just 24% are confident they can get affordable care when they need it; this compares to 27% enrolled in employer plans and 38% in Medicare plans. Highly significant is that the most common reason for dissatisfaction with Obamacare is cost. The initiative has come under fire previously for its high deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Furthermore, the cost of Obamacare is also predicted to rise next year for millions of Americans, with one of the plan’s insurers planning a 50% hike to its premiums. New Mexico insurer Blue Cross is proposing the 50% rise, although it should be said that this is unusual and may not be allowed by State Department officials. Nonetheless, health insurance experts predict premiums across the board will rise more in 2016 than in the last two years. According to PwC’s Health Research Institute, this year premiums went up by an average of 5.4%.

Looking at the figures in the Deloitte report, the government’s argument that those forced onto Obamacare when the law eliminated their employer plans would be “better off” doesn’t seem to hold water. Obamacare scores the lowest of all of the plans in every category of the survey, which included overall satisfaction, price and availability of care. If you believe this latest survey once again highlights the fundamental flaws with Obamacare, please Like & Share this post.

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