Greek PM Accuses Europe of “Blackmail” and “Scaremongering”

Greek PM Accuses Europe of Blackmail and Scaremongering

The Greek nation will take to the voting booths this Sunday, July 5, in a referendum to decide whether to accept Europe’s latest bailout proposals. Greece’s Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has called the eurozone offer “blackmail”, and has called on the electorate to return a resounding “No” vote. Much to the rest of Europe’s disagreement, he believes firmly the negotiating position of Greece will be heavily strengthened with a clear refusal to accept an offer, he feels, comes with austerity measures too severe for his country’s people.

Tsipras, appearing in televised national address, said the vote would not affect Greece’s continued membership of Europe, and the Greek people should ignore the “sirens of scaremongering” of his European partners. European Union leaders have publicly insisted that a “No” vote could result in Greece’s departure from the eurozone. With capital controls imposed nationwide, banks shut and customers’ access to their deposits limited, this Greek crisis continues to unfold.

Of Greece’s overall debt, $11.3 billion is owed to U.S. domestic banks, as well as the billions and billions of dollars the U.S. have lent to the Greeks via the International Monetary Fund. Sunday’s result could well determine whether America sees this money paid back or is simply forced to write it off. If you are concerned the Greek crisis is a crisis that affects us all, regardless of borders, please Like & Share this post.

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