What do price charts tell me about the future of gold and silver prices?

Have you ever looked into a crystal ball and been able to see, without a doubt, exactly what the future holds?  The vast majority of us have not had such an experience nor do we expect it to happen. We can, however, look at world events and use common sense to estimate what sort of conditions the future may bring. The same is true of using price charts to predict future gold and silver prices. If there was some sort of foolproof algorithm or formula that used current charts to predict future prices all precious metal investors would make money.

The sad reality is that many investors lose money with gold and silver because they get impatient, greedy and/or afraid. Day traders and investors who like to rapidly buy and sell physical gold and silver are especially prone to losing money because price chart “trends” are not always what they appear to be. Additionally, world events such as wars and manipulation of interest rates can change financial markets overnight. How, then, can a household investor be confident about such a risky investment?

Using price charts in tandem with a firm grasp of finance, history and current events is what transforms the average investor into a bank breaker. It helps to know that gold and silver never move in a straight line and that downward movement in paper-backed assets historically has a positive effect on commodity values. If you follow national and world news, keep an eye on price charts and have a gut feeling that the United States as a whole is headed in the wrong direction, it may be time to consider an investment in gold and silver. To receive free gold and silver price charts by email click the link below or call Gold Silver directly at 1-800-394-3337.

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