How often is the gold and silver price on your web site updated? posts the updated gold and silver price every trading day and our charts show price changes based on parameters of 24 hours, 30 days, 6 months and one year. Some web site owners fail to remember or to find time to update the gold and silver price on the web site daily but is able to access live spot price changes around the clock.

There are various ways to check gold and silver prices online but not all of the prices one sees online are accurate. For example, one commission-based gold dealer in Florida is known for leaving prices on the online coin guide unchanged for weeks if gold is going up. When customers call in they learn that the price is higher than they thought but the salesman already has them on the hook. Another firm in California will advertise what seems like a great deal for gold coins but the coins in question are always sold out. Another well-known site for checking gold coin prices is only updated once every two or three weeks because the site lists prices for millions of US and foreign coins. specialists are always willing to give you a live quote on any widely-traded gold or silver product, regardless of whether or not we sell said product. We set a market for gold and silver bullion and rare coins every trading day of the year. If someone is in the market for something that we do not sell then we will point that person in the right direction. We have live quotes for individuals who want to sell their metals, and we even provide spot price information for people who are interested in the market but not yet ready to make a trade. Call 1-800-394-3337 to get today’s updated gold and silver price or to lock in your price now.

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