Is Equity Institutional the only US Company that can hold my gold and silver investments in an IRA?

Equity Institutional has led the precious metal IRA industry since 1997, when our government originally initiated the program. Equity Institutional offers traditional investment options but the option of buying physical gold and silver is what makes Equity Institutional unique for a lot of their clients.

A few other IRA custodians have recently gained government approval to handle gold and silver IRAs and each investor should decide for themselves the company that best meets their needs. Gold Silver is authorized to store metals through any authorized US custodian but our clients seem to prefer Equity Institutional for a number of reasons.

Equity Institutional does not make investment recommendations. The company’s only roles are to store your metals securely per IRS regulations and to facilitate trades. Each individual investor has complete control over their gold and silver and can authorize trades at any time.

Equity Institutional is authorized to hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, interest-bearing accounts and even real estate so investors who want to diversify their gold and silver holdings may do so. Precious metal IRA clients at Equity Institutional simply need to contact Gold Silver to liquidate (or take delivery of) the precious metals. Equity Institutional’s thousands of satisfied clients and stellar Better Business Bureau rating are a testament to the service they provide.

Gold Silver and Equity Institutional work together every day to help household investors like you escape the pathetic situation that is our US financial system. To learn more about opening a Equity Institutional Gold Silver IRA request our free brochure below or call us directly at 1-800-394-3337.

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