How long does it take to liquidate my Gold Silver IRA?

We at Gold Silver strive to meet or exceed expectations in every aspect of the dealer/client relationship. This includes giving investors an idea of how long it will take to liquidate a Gold Silver IRA before they purchase precious metals for their retirement accounts.

When an investor decides to liquidate some or all of the metals from within their Gold Silver IRA he or she needs to contact:

a. the custodian of the retirement account (usually Equity Institutional or Goldstar Trust)

b. a dealer that is willing to buy the metals

Tell your custodian and your gold buyer how much gold you want to sell or how much capital you need to raise. If you purchased the metals from the same company that you plan to sell the metals to then the transaction will work a bit more quickly. Otherwise your new gold dealer will need you to complete an Investment Direction Form and send it to your account’s custodian; verification of receipt of this form by the custodian could add two business days to the liquidation process.

Your authorized gold dealer will instruct the custodian to ship the gold to the dealer’s depository. Shipping is done through USPS via the Registered & Insured service. This method of shipping requires a signature from every single person who comes into contact with the package and it could take up to three weeks for your gold to arrive at the dealer’s depository.

Once your gold and silver arrives at the dealer’s depository, the package’s contents will be verified under video surveillance. Due to the high volume of incoming and outgoing packages Gold Silver currently asks for up to two business days to confirm each investor’s shipment.

Your gold and silver buyer can place the agreed-upon funds into your retirement account via bank wire or company check. Bank wire transfers usually go into the receiver’s account within one business day of initiation. Checks require 2 business days to reach the recipient and another 10 business days to be cleared by most banks.

The average liquidation of a Gold Silver IRA takes between three weeks and slightly more than a month, and the exact amount of time required is largely in the hands of the US Postal Service. To initiate liquidation of your Gold Silver IRA or to inquire about current prices click below or call us toll-free at 1-800-394-3337.

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