Can I move my traditional IRA over to a self directed gold and silver IRA without penalty?

Traditional IRAs and other self-directed retirement accounts have collectively lost trillions over the last five years. Some people lost every single penny of their retirement savings, and American retirement account investors lost an average of 50 percent of their savings between 2007 and 2011. Many of these investors have flocked away from stocks, bonds, money markets and other dollar-backed assets, choosing instead the security of physical gold and silver IRAs.

There are very few restrictions on investors with Traditional, Roth and Sepp IRAs when it comes to transforming one of those accounts into a gold and silver IRA. The process is very simple and Gold Silver makes it even easier by walking you through the process step-by-step.

Select an amount to transfer and direct your current custodian to place said amount in cash and to prepare for a transfer.

  • setting up a gold and silver IRA is easier if the funds are liquid instead of in stock/bond form
  • your custodian may inquire as to why you want to transfer the funds; these institutions have lost thousands of clients per year to gold and silver


Let a Gold Silver Retirement Account Specialist walk you through the paperwork and answer your questions.

  • paperwork takes approximately 0-5 minutes to complete
  • recent copy of account statement required for processing
  • Equity Institutional and Goldstar Trust are IRS-approved gold and silver IRA custodians


Choose the product(s) you want to purchase with your retirement account’s funds.

  • funding a new account can take 2-28 business days, depending on the method of transfer (bank wire/check) and the volume of pending transfers
  • investors can choose a variety of gold, silver and platinum bars and coins from world-renowned names such as Credit-Suisse, Johnson-Matthey, the US Mint and the Canadian Royal Mint


Track the market through quarterly statements from your new custodian and regular updates from your precious metal broker.

  • spot prices are available instantly every trading day via the Gold Silver Price Tracker
  • your personal gold and silver broker can give you live buy/sell quotes upon request
  • the precious metals are physically stored in a box in your name as directed by IRS regulations.


Sell or take delivery of your metals by calling your Gold Silver account representative at 1-800-394-3337.

  • retirees have the option of transforming their gold back into cash or taking delivery of the physical metals
  • capital gains taxes must be paid on precious metal IRA investments that are profitable
  • consulting a tax advisor when selling and/or taking delivery of gold and silver from an IRA is recommended


To transfer your Traditional Roth or Sepp IRAs into a gold and silver IRA with the help of our commission-free advisors call 1-800-394-3337. If the idea of a precious metal IRA is new to you then feel free to request your complimentary copy of Real Money Magazine below to learn more.



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