Gold Silver IRA

The Gold Silver IRA – A New Path to Retirement

For decades, hard-working Americans traditionally prepared for their golden years by selecting a variety of stocks, bonds and interest-bearing accounts to place in their employer-sponsored or self-directed retirement accounts. Mutual funds helped the inexperienced investor to properly diversify into the stock market and some mutual funds averaged 20 percent annually – or more. We have seen cycles in which cash accounts paid out double-digit interest and investors with real estate holdings watched those properties rise in value year after year.

Many economists warned us that our financial markets could not keep pumping out such excellent returns and that a harsh correction of these unsubstantiated gains was on the way. Sure enough, our markets started to fall like dominoes and many investors watched their portfolio values shrink. Some investors, however, took control of their personal economy by transferring their wealth into gold and silver IRAs before the crash and these investors have averaged an 14 percent annual gain during the last decade. Savvy financial minds such as Warren Buffet believe that our economy works on 20-year cycles, which means that the gold and silver markets may only be halfway to their peaks.

How Does a Gold Silver IRA Work?

A Gold Silver IRA allows American workers to transfer their Roth, Sepp or Traditional IRAs, as well as qualified employer-sponsored plans, into actual coins and bullion bars. The IRS does not allow investors to store traditional IRA investments, like cash, privately and the same rule applies for gold and silver. However, investors do have the option of taking physical delivery of their metals once mandatory distributions begin, and many retirees have taken advantage of this option to sleep better at night. works with Equity Trust to open your new Precious Metals IRA and then to fund the purchase of gold and/or silver using a portion or all of the assets from your current retirement account. Equity Trust and will keep you updated on your new account’s status until funding is available and a purchase can be made. This can take from two weeks to one-and-a-half months. After you tell us what to buy we will ship the metals to the IRA depository in Wilmington, DE. The metals will be stored and insured in your name, and you are free to buy more metals or sell what you have at any time.

Equity Trust will send you quarterly account statements and Retirement Advisers will keep you up-to-date on your investment’s value between statements. The IRS only allows specific coins and bars to be held within retirement accounts and our experts can help you choose the proper precious metals product(s) based on your dreams and goals. We invite you to accept a free copy of our Gold Silver IRA Kit by clicking below, or call us toll-free at 1-800-394-3337 if the IRA Desk can assist you.

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