Gold & Silver Research Links has listed the most reputable gold and silver research links to assist you with your quest for more hard data on your metal investment options. The information links below are statistical in nature and may not be the information you are seeking. If that’s the case, and your inquiry is more of a general nature, such as a question about the purchase and delivery of precious metals, then give our team a call for speedy and accurate answers.

We always recommend that you consider the source of news and data when searching the Internet. So be sure to check the Better Business Bureau ( for more information about any regular supplier. Like in most industries, reputation is the cornerstone of the gold and silver industry. Gold and silver statistics can be found in the links below.

Gold and silver investing can be a lot of fun for first time investors, because of the self-empowerment one gets when handling precious metals. Just make sure you don’t get in over your head with a metal dealer who is more of a self-promoter than an actual advisor. It’s recommended that you keep no more than thirty percent of your money in a variety of metals, and any firm recommending a larger share may not have your best interests in mind. All information listed on the websites above is considered reliable; however, it is your responsibility to verify any post. If you’re not clear about something you read, just call our metal data researchers at 1-800-300-0715.

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