Which gold and silver coins do you recommend if I’m buying for safety?

A gold broker receives a call from a prospective client. The client says, “I am investing in gold for safety. What do you have for me?” How should the broker respond?

A good doctor would never prescribe medicine on the spot simply because a patient complained. The broker and the doctor both need more information to make an informed and qualified analysis.

A reputable gold broker should find out what the word “safety” means to the investor. It could mean:

-safety from inflation
-safety from falling stock values
-safety from declining real estate values
-safety from low-interest bonds and cash accounts

It could even mean safety from a messy divorce. Whatever the case may be the broker should have coins in mind that could help the investor’s situation. For example, if the investor plans to store their gold in a safety deposit box for a few years as a hedge against the portfolio’s other assets, a coin such as the 1904 MS62 Lady Liberty Double Eagle would be appropriate. This coin tends to move along with gold prices and it holds collector value, it is currently 250 percent below its historical high and it provides long-term investors with protection from a possible government gold confiscation.

Another couple may come to this broker and explain that they both receive worker’s pensions,Social Security checks and government benefits. They have no debt and own two homes. They are worried about the excess cash in their savings account because of the 0.5 percent interest rate and the possibility of a bank shutdown. The couple wants to leave something for their children and grandchildren that could gain substantial value over the next 20 or more years. The MS65 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is a popular investment-grade coin that provides financial privacy and a tremendous upside potential over the next 25 years.

The point is that every buyer wants and needs a different type of safety in their gold and silver coins. Real Money Magazine (free via the link below) is full of tips for new gold and silver investors, and individuals/institutions with more advanced inquiries are encouraged to email us using the Contact Link in the top right corner of the screen or call one of our live, commission-free agents at 1-800-394-3337 today.

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