Do I have to worry about silver coins confiscation or just gold?

Worrying is a form of speculation and as Michael Douglas’ character Gordon Gekko famously said in the movie Wall Street, “speculation is the root of all evil.” Therefore, each investor must make their own informed decision about how much they are willing to risk in regards to a possible silver coins confiscation by the US government. Millions of individuals have invested heavily in silver coins with the mindset that if the Federal Reserve recalled gold again the white metal would remain under the radar, as was the case during the first government gold confiscation that lasted until 1971. These individuals also believe that our government would raid retirement accounts far before instituting a silver coins confiscation.

Other money managers and precious metal market analysts contend that silver bullion hoarders are operating under a false pretense; they instead advise their conservative clients to shy away from possibly confiscatable silver bullion bars and generic silver bullion coins. The school of thought here is that because of the current $16 trillion (and growing) federal debt, international credit lines for the United States could dry up completely in the near future. How would we pay our bills?

Our government was successful in its last bid to seize precious metals in order to keep printed currency alive; this means that legal precedent to seize such assets has already been firmly established. But would our gold alone be enough to cover the tab and keep the dollar in play?

Some lawmakers claim that because of our burgeoning deficit and the immense amount of un-backed printed currency in circulation, a government takeover of the gold, silver and even platinum bullion markets could be the only way to satisfy our overseas creditors and put the United States back on the path to fiscal responsibility.

Many investors keep some silver bullion coins or bars on hand, but coins like Peace and Morgan silver dollars (certified by an authorized third party) might be a safer investment in the event of a silver bullion confiscation. These investment-grade coins meet the standards of collectibles and thus are less likely to be confiscated; if the threat of confiscation grows then the value of such coins could grow exponentially.

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