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The History of Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and silver coins have been around for millenniums but using such coins as investments is a relatively new concept. For example, historians agree that the first gold coins were manufactured in Lydia around 640 BC. Many people have collected rare and obscure coins throughout the centuries, but the vast majority of these collectors were hobbyists and not investors. In fact, the first investment-grade coins entered production only about 200 years ago with the introduction of the British Sovereign. As recently as 1933 there were only a handful of investment-grade gold coins on the market. The world’s options were scarce and for US citizens it was even harder to obtain gold; in that year the US Government outlawed the possession of more than five ounces of gold bullion by any one person. (For complete information about the U.S gold confiscation click here.)

The US ban on gold was lifted in 1971 and since that time dozens of countries have started to mint their own investment-grade gold and silver coins. This has proven to be a profitable strategy because millions of coins get minted and sold every year. Household investors have won, too; in the last financial cycle gold rose over 1000 percent and in the current cycle gold and silver have climbed 500 and 650 percent, respectively. The current lack of confidence in paper and land investments could bode well for the future of gold and silver coins.

Gold and Silver Coin Investments provides institutional and household investors with the widest selection of gold and silver in the industry. Our close relationship with the US and Royal Canadian mints since 1992 allows us to pass larger discounts onto our clients while still remaining profitable. We carry rare gold and silver coins as well as American-made and foreign bullion pieces. Below is a listing of our most popular pieces.

Modern Bullion Coinages

Certified Rare Coinages

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