Why are gold and silver bullion good short-term investments?

It is not fair to say gold and silver bullion are “good” short-term investments because sometimes they gain value and other times investors are forced to sell for losses. Timing the bullion market is difficult at best and household investors do not always have access to enough information to make wise short-term investments. It is possible to buy a large sum of metals in a “valley” and resell it on a “peak” within a few months for profit; institutional traders do this every day. It is slightly more complicated for private investors to buy, store, sell and ship physical gold and silver bullion, but it does have some advantages.

Gold and silver bullion move with their respective spot prices. If you forecast substantially higher precious metal prices within a year then some bullion bars and/or low-cost bullion coins could be a profitable investment. Since spot prices pull back after large gains investors who accurately pinpoint the “peaks” can maximize their profit by jumping to the sidelines every few months.

Gold and silver bullion products have the lowest cost-per-ounce over spot of all physical possession precious metals products. Bullion bars can range from $19 per-ounce over spot for gold to $0.99 per-ounce over spot for silver. Bullion coins are slightly more expensive but still very affordable and investors’ options are numerous.

Rare coins have their place in the investment market but they require a commitment of three to five years. Investors who are less worried with the long-term stability of our Dollar and simply want to take advantage of inflation over the next year may do better with gold and silver bullion coins. You can find a more detailed breakdown of bullion and rare coins in Real Money Magazine, available free from GoldSilver.org via the link below. To request information on precious metal investing or to find a dealer near you call GoldSilver.org at 1-800-394-3337 today.

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