Where can I find a full list of gold and silver bullion coins?

One of the most common complaints that our brokers hear is that there is no comprehensive list of gold and silver bullion coins online. Bullion bar dealers prefer not to acknowledge the existence of gold and silver bullion coins and advisors for these companies actively try to persuade individuals away from coinage purchases. Companies that do sell bullion coins usually ask their clients to choose between two or three options; investors who want something that the broker’s own company does not have are out of luck because recommending another company does little to boost brokers’ commissions.

Gold Silver has comprised a list of all of the most popular gold and silver bullion coins. Our Coin Catalog not only lists the coins that are available in today’s market but it also lists the weight, dimensions, purity level and background of each coin. The Coin Catalog breaks down almost 30 different coins so that each individual investor can make his or her own decision about which products are best.

If a specific coin catches an investor’s eye he or she can contact us directly for a free, live quote. If the Gold Silver depositories in Dallas, TX and Salt Lake City, UT, do not stock the coin you want then our commission-free representatives will be more than happy to direct you to another company that can fulfill your needs. Gold Silver is not the right company for everyone because we ask for a minimum investment of $5,000 to open an account, but we love speaking to investors of more modest amounts because it allows us to make sure a reputable company gets that business. If you would like to start investing in gold and silver bullion or have a question about the precious metals market call us today at 1-800-394-3337 or email us using the link below.

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