Is gold or silver the better investment?

This is a loaded question because there is no such thing as an investment that is absolutely right for everyone at the same time. We all have different needs and wants when it comes to choosing our spouse, our automobiles and our diet; why would gold and silver investments be any different?

To determine if gold or silver is the better investment one must ask themselves a series of simple yet meaningful questions, such as:

-Am I investing for safety or profit?

An investor who is looking for profits and nothing else should give silver serious consideration because it is more volatile than gold. All precious metals are known as anti-inflationary investments but silver is used far more for industrial purposes than as an investment. Ups and downs in the global economy can cause silver to rise or fall significantly more than gold in the same amount of time.

-How long do I plan to hold my gold or silver investment?

Precious metals investing is not for the weak at heart. Investors who are likely to pull their hair out by scrutinizing the market every single day might want to stick to interest-bearing accounts because precious metals sometimes rise – and fall- by more than five percent in a single trading day. Reputable firms will recommend certain bullion investments for short-term holders but investors should be aware that every gold and silver investment must overcome a “buy and sell spread” – the cost difference between purchasing and selling a particular product – to become profitable.

-What percentage of my portfolio is comprised of gold and/or silver? What percentage do I want to reach?

Savvy investors never over-invest in any one product. Financial analysts recommend that investors devote 20-30 percent of their portfolios to precious metals. Any less and the metals may not offset losses in paper investments; any more and the portfolio could collapse if the US dollar suddenly recovers.

-Where do I plan to store my metals?

It takes about 57 ounces of silver to equal the monetary value of one ounce of gold. The size of one’s investment comes into play here, because a safe that holds 200 one-ounce silver coins would be worth over $5,700 but a gold-filled safe of the same dimensions would be worth over $320,000. This is a major factor in deciding if gold or silver is the better investment for you.

Many investors split their dollars between gold and silver while other people prefer to stick with only one of the metals. To more accurately determine the amount of gold and silver that you need call 1-800-394-3337 today or request our free Gold Silver Investment Guide below.

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