What are the 10 most popular gold and silver bullion products?

In 1971 the United States decided to depart from the Gold Standard and lift the ban on privately held gold bullion. Prior to that point the only modern-day bullion coin in existence was the South African Krugerrand, which had been introduced to the rest of the world in 1967. Three years after private gold ownership was again permitted in the US the Royal Canadian Mint created the Canadian Maple Leaf coin series, and since then dozens of countries have manufactured their own gold coins for investment and collection purposes. There are also many brands of gold and silver bullion bar products. The 10 most popular gold and silver bullion products have been listed below.*

*Rankings based on USD spent per year over the last 10 years

10. South African Krugerrands

– These coins made up 90 percent of the gold coin market in the 1970s but have since lost ground due to today’s vast selection of gold bullion products. Krugerrands are still popular due to their low premium over the gold spot price. Some counterfeiters have produced silver Krugerrands but no authentic silver South African Krugerrand has ever been legally released to the public.

9. Swiss 100 Francs

– Unfortunately, too much money is spent on these fractional-weight European coins. Companies that sell Swiss Francs usually charge 35-60 percent over spot value for these coins even though they are extremely common in the market.

8. Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins

– Austrian Corona gold coins are popular among gold bullion investors because of their relatively low premium over the spot price. All Austrian gold Corona coins are year-marked 1915 even though some were produced in later years. It should be noted that these coins have one of the lowest purity levels (.900) of any gold bullion coin.

7. Austrian Philharmonic Gold Silver Coins

– Gold and silver Austrian Philharmonic coins are a tribute to the famous orchestra that hails from the Vienna Concert Hall. The gold Philharmonic was the world’s best-selling coin throughout most of the 1990s. These coins are made of 24 karat gold and silver, respectively, and the gold Philharmonic coins are available in 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10oz sizes in addition to the standard one-ounce piece.

6. British Sovereigns

– The British gold Sovereign coin is popular around the world because so many variations have been minted since its inception in 1817. Like the Swiss Francs, investors often pay too much for these coins because their unique combination of weight (.2354oz) and purity (.9167) allow salesmen to make offers that sound attractive but actually include high premiums.

5. Gold and Silver Canadian Maple Leafs

– Canada’s proximity to one of the world’s biggest gold buyers, the United States, has helped the Royal Canadian Mint to prosper over the last 30 years. The Maple Leaf lineup includes .999, .9999 and .99999 fine gold coins as well as fractional and overweight (more than one ounce) pieces, and silver Maple Leafs are popular for their low cost over the silver spot price.

4. Gold Silver Australian Lunar Coins

– Each of the 12 coins in this series depicts an animal from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. These coins make the top 10 list based on the fact that once someone buys a Lunar coin they feel compelled to collect the whole series. This is a popular bullion coin based on dollars spent because Lunar coins carry high premiums, but the overall volume of Lunar coins in circulation is relatively low.

3. Gold Silver Chinese Pandas

– Chinese Panda gold and silver coins are another bullion coin that could one day become a true collectible because the coin’s design changes so often and each design’s mintage is limited. The cost over spot for gold Panda coins is the highest among all of the most popular bullion products.

2. American Eagle Gold Silver Coins

– American Eagles have been one of the most popular gold bullion products since the U.S. Mint first introduced them in 1986. The Proof American Eagle gold and silver coins are the most popular precious metal IRA investments. Some companies sell graded American Eagle coins at rare coin premiums but those coins hold no advantage over raw American Eagles in a tube.

1. Gold and Silver Bullion Bars

– Companies like Credit Suisse, Johnson-Matthey and Engelhard manufacture the most popular gold and silver bullion products by weight and monetary value – by far – bullion bars. Bullion bars can claim the lowest cost over spot, they are the easiest to move and they are the most internationally tradable form of bullion. One can buy gold and silver bars in weights ranging from one gram to 400 ounces.

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