Can I buy gold and silver bullion without the government knowing?

One of gold’s biggest draws is that it allows the owner to store an incredible large amount of wealth into a tight space. Privacy is gold’s hallmark, but with all of the IRS and Department of Commerce regulations in place how private can buying gold and silver bullion really be for household investors?

The short answer is that our government does not presently seem to care how much gold a US citizen buys with funds that were earned legitimately. As a disclaimer it is important to note that our government seems to be very good at finding out anything it deems necessary in the moment, but since 1973 our gold buying rights have been relatively unrestricted.

One way to buy gold and silver without the government knowing is to buy from family, friends, neighbors and business associates. Investors must pay capital gain taxes when they sell their gold and silver for profit but no reporting is required when buying precious metals in this manner.

If you do not know anyone who wants to sell their gold and silver bullion or if you do not want anyone to know that you have precious metals then you can purchase from a local bullion dealer. Most towns have shops that allow potential investors to put their hands on some gold and silver before buying any for themselves. Again, no reporting is required when purchasing gold and silver bullion from a local dealer.

Online gold and silver bullion dealers abound, and while some offer extremely discounted prices there are also celebrity-sponsored marketing companies with savvy salesman who charge high commissions. Research potential dealers through the Better Business Bureau to make sure that you will receive your investment quickly and at a fair mark-up.

Our government could reverse course at any time and re-institute the gold prohibition of 1933-1973. Our government may not know who has what in terms of gold and silver bullion, but it does reserve the option to repeal our right to buy, sell and/or trade bullion bars and coins. For more information on historic government manipulation of real money click the link below or call Gold Silver today at 1-800-394-3337.

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