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”I went to sleep Friday as a rich man. I woke up a poor man,” lamented John Demetriou of Cyprus, in the immediate aftermath of the failure of the national banking system last year and the subsequent confiscation of deposits above €100,000 ($130,000). Over the course of a weekend, the government severely limited ATM withdrawals, restricted transfers, and then confiscated 47.5% of any account balance over €100,000. Many lost their life savings during the debacle, because they did not see the signs and plan ahead. John went from having over €1,000,000 in the bank to having €100,000, with the remainder being converted to equity shares in an insolvent bank and certificates of deposit that would be released when the bank decided the time was right, which could be never. Mr. Demetriou went from being comfortably retired to wondering where his next paycheck would be coming from overnight.

Think the same couldn’t happen in the United States? Not only is a similar “bail-in” scheme possible in the United States, many have said it is likely. The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 specifies that there are to be no further taxpayer-funded bailouts of financial institutions in the United States, but instead, future solvency problems are to be addressed by deposit confiscation. Bailing out a company without making them address their problems is not a good formula for ensuring the same problems don’t happen again, and our nation’s banks were never forced to fix their problems. Knowing that the banks are legally obligated to come after your hard earned money the next time they have a cash flow problem, would you trust them with your retirement funds?

Thankfully, there is an alternative way to save for retirement. Since 1997 the IRS has allowed U.S. investors to purchase physical gold and silver within their retirement accounts via what is known as a Precious Metal IRA. How does a gold-backed retirement account work?

When you open a gold-backed IRA your gold is placed on deposit with an IRA custodian. This means that you have physical gold and/or silver stored, in a box with your name on it, in a depository that you can visit.

There are a number of Gold IRA custodians trying to make a name for themselves, but two companies have long been known for their efficient service and fair gold storage fees: Equity Institutional and GoldStar Trust. Neither of these custodians are part of a large bank involved in risky lending. Both of these custodial companies are highly respected, and since you own actual precious metals instead of paper-based investments your retirement funds are protected. Furthermore, both of these companies allow you to direct where your funds are to be invested, which means you can select the best type of gold and/or silver for your needs, rather than being limited to the selections the custodian wishes to offer.

What advantages do gold and silver IRA plans have over traditional banking? First, your savings are no longer sitting in dollars, a currency which has been overprinted by 40% in the last three years. In addition to their other troubles, the people of Ukraine have suffered a 35% devaluation of their currency in the past year, but those who invested in gold before the trouble began have

been able to protect their wealth. Do you trust the current leadership of the United States to maintain the value of your dollars, or do you think it is wise to make some moves on your own to protect yourself and your loved ones?

The government has flagged a wide number of gold and silver coins as ineligible for Precious Metal IRA storage, but a plethora of options are on the table. Gold and silver products eligible for placement in an IRA can be broken into two main categories, bullion and proof coins. 

Bullion consists of coins and bars whose value is primarily based on the amount of gold they contain. Proof coins, on the other hand, are limited edition coins which have value above and beyond what they are worth simply for their metal content. Bullion coins offer the advantage of short-term trading; one can always rapidly convert them to cash near the market price. For this reason, we recommend that investors who plan to own gold as an investment for less than 24 months buy bullion, while Proof coins may be more apt of a purchase for longer holding periods.

Proof coins offer the advantage of enhanced legal protection against confiscation and additional potential upside. The collectible value of Proof coins could grow over time, offering you the potential of earning a greater return on your investment as the collectible value and rarity of the coin increases. Furthermore, collectible coins were exempt from the U.S. government’s gold confiscation of 1933, a precedent that is likely to be followed in the event of another government gold confiscation. Most of the following products are also available in silver, an investment which we will examine the merits of in a subsequent article.


American Eagles

American Eagles are one of the most common bullion coins found in the United States. Instantly recognizable, they are guaranteed for weight and purity by the United States government. This is an important distinction. Because American Eagles are considered legal tender, making a fake American Eagle is considered felony counterfeiting, and is investigated by the Secret Service. For this reason, American Eagles are among the easiest coins to buy, sell, or trade, as their authenticity is guaranteed. They command a slightly higher premium above the spot price than other bullion coins, but this premium has remained stable over time, which means that one is likely to recoup the additional premium when it is time to sell. For investors seeking liquidity and stability, the American Eagle could be the right choice.

One important distinction between the American Eagle and other bullion coins is that the American Eagle is minted in 22K gold. The coin contains one troy ounce of pure gold, but the total weight of the coin is slightly over one troy ounce to account for the additional weight of the metals used as an alloy. 24K gold is very soft and easy to scratch or dent, 22K gold is stronger and less likely to be damaged by casual handling. Conversely, 24K gold tends to be more brilliant, while 22K gold does not have quite the same luster. The Gold American Eagle is the only 22K coin allowed by law to be kept in an IRA account.

Joyce H.G. wrote about the American Eagle, “Even though the premium of Eagles is higher than other coins, I’ll pay it for the peace of mind in these uncertain times, that when I sell or trade, there’s more ‘brand recognition’ and comfort with it than a ‘foreign’ coin.”

Canadian Maple Leafs

Canadian Maple Leafs are also a widely recognized bullion coin. Featuring extremely high (99.99%) purity, a widely known design, and a low premium over spot, Maple Leafs are also a very solid investment choice. The current year coins feature micro-engraving for additional security. This is a brilliant, beautiful coin that is well known and beloved around the world.

One reviewer wrote, “This coin is absolutely stunning! I take it out just to look at every so often. Having the new design with the micro-engraved ’14 ensures this is a legit gold coin .9999 fine. I can’t wait to buy more!”

Chinese Pandas

The Chinese Pandas are collectible coins that can be purchased at bullion prices. Each year, the design of the Gold Panda changes, ensuring that every year is collectible and grows in value as time passes. One can buy the current year Panda for a similar premium to other bullion coins, which means that these beautiful coins have significant upside potential. Previous year Pandas have seen significant appreciation already. Each year’s release is issued in strictly limited numbers. The Panda is a good option for those wishing to invest over time. Collect the whole series!

 Reviewer Keoni wrote, “I got my first Panda this week and am quite impressed with China’s attention to quality. What beautiful coins! I would definitely stock up on these. I can’t wait to collect more from other years!”

 Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic is a beautiful coin depicting the instruments of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in brilliant, 99.99% pure gold. Widely known around the world and available for a modest premium, the Austrian Philharmonic is a fascinating and visually appealing coin to add to your collection.

Reviewer Jeffrey wrote, “It took me a while to pull the trigger on the Philharmonic but it was worth the wait. Very beautiful 9999 gold coin. I ordered 2 of these, one was a 2000 and the other was a 2011. It’s nice to have varied years on the coins. They are both absolutely magnificent coins! The minute detail and artistic design on both sides of the coin make it a totally stunning piece. If you are a music buff, you will really appreciate the Philharmonic. The design is amazing. This one belongs in every gold coin collection.”

Credit Suisse gold bars

Credit Suisse gold bars are well-known and trusted worldwide. Featuring a wide variety of sizes, from 1/10ozt up to 1kg, you can buy Credit Suisse bullion in any size to fit your needs. Credit Suisse bars feature extremely low premiums. Because of their plain design, they lack the beauty of some of the coins we have in our vaults, but as a solid low-premium investment Credit Suisse bullion cannot be beat. If you are looking to buy the largest quantity of gold for your money, and gold confiscation does not concern you whatsoever, then Credit Suisse bars may be an ideal solution for your investment needs. These bars are accompanied by an assay card, guaranteeing their weight and purity. A unique serial number is stamped on the bar, matching the assay card, further assuring you of their authenticity.

One reviewer wrote, “I like the Credit Suisse bars because they are easy to store, easy to handle and are easily recognized when you want to sell them. With their small premiums you can’t find a better alternative. Another reason I purchased this product is because of the unique serial number, which I feel is more personal and better proof of ownership. ”

Proof Coins

Proof American Eagles

The Proof American Eagles are gorgeous coins that are produced today in extremely limited numbers. For example, only 35,000 one-ounce American Eagle gold Proof coins will be minted in 2014. These coins are struck utilizing special processes and unique dies, and feature a mirror-like surface with sharp details. Because of the limited numbers issued, investing in Proof American Eagles is an opportunity to experience gains beyond those that come simply from the potential appreciation of gold. These beautiful coins are a unique option for beginner and seasoned precious metals investors alike. Following historical precedent, they are unlikely to be confiscated if the government does come after privately held gold again, which means that investing in Proof American Eagles could serve as an additional measure of security for your money. These are the only proof coins eligible for purchase in an IRA plan.

Reviewer Jimmy wrote, “I bought this because it is a beautiful Gold Eagle Proof from the exclusive West Point Mint. I would recommend this coin to anybody. The coin itself is a marvel to behold, and it comes with a special box and a certificate of authenticity, so I know that it is the real thing. Pictures do not do this coin justice, it is simply stunning!“

Who Can You Trust?

Don’t take chances with your retirement funds. As recent history shows, your money can disappear overnight if you don’t plan ahead. There are many different gold and silver products available to suit your investing needs. The Certified Gold Exchange is a North American market leader for physical gold and silver investing, and we have helped thousands of clients meet their

home delivery and Gold IRA needs. Please give us a call at (800) 300-0715 as our experts would be happy to help you find the right product(s) for your needs as well as to answer any gold market questions you might have.

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