Why Gold and Silver iPhones Make Sense

Apple has announced that its highly touted iPhone 5S will be available in silver and gold, and although the smart phones will only be silver and gold colored and not real gold or silver the strategy behind this decision is undeniable. Gold and silver are up more than 450 percent each since 2001, and as a general rule for the last 5,000 years humans have recognized the inherent value of these two precious metals.

Companies often use the words silver, gold and platinum to add appeal to their product or service, and the executives at Apple better than most how powerful these words and colors can be to consumers. The last time an Apple device was officially licensed for release in a golden color was about 10 years ago. The product was the original iPod Mini, an Apple all-time best seller.

Technology writer Dante D’Orazio recently wrote about the soon-to-be-released gold and silver versions of Apple’s flagship phone. D’Orazio wrote that “humans just have an unnatural attraction to gold” but actually the attraction is very natural. We have every reason to desire silver and gold because it has been ingrained into us and into everyone in the 5,000 years before us.

The gold and silver iPhones will sell out quickly so if you are into status symbols that will become outdated in a few months make sure you order early. Individuals who are happy with their current phone may want to take the same amount of money that would’ve otherwise been spent on a phone and buy some gold or silver.

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