May 22, 2009 – American investors are currently flocking to safe haven precious metals due to increasing fears that inflation could grow in the near future along with speculation that financial markets may flounder based on a loss of confidence in the United States Dollar and its corporations. Many household and institutional investors are currently seeking wholesale gold and silver so that they can acquire more competitive pricing when purchasing safe haven metals in a larger amount. It is very important that you understand that wholesale gold and silver can only be purchased from discount precious metal dealers as opposed to the more expensive retail dealers. Comparing different exchange/dealer rates is very important when finding the best prices on wholesale gold and silver because some companies may say that they offer competitive pricing, yet in the end they may be charging high premiums based on celebrity endorsed television and radio announcements. The Certified Gold Exchange, for example is one of North America’s leading precious metal dealers that specializes in both bullion and certified rare coin investing for both household and institutional investors.

By around 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, it appears like significant safe haven demand is continuing to push spot prices in the upward direction, and several market analysts believe that both metals may continue extending their gains into next week as the economy worsens. Currently, the gold spot price sits at $957.90 per ounce, up four dollars for the day while the silver spot price sits at $14.67 per ounce, up $.12 for the day.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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