Value of Gold Coins

Understanding the Value of Gold Coins

The increasing price of gold has allowed more investors to appreciate the value of gold coins. Not only do gold coins offer an excellent investment opportunity, they represent the most frequently traded commodity in the history of mankind. For thousands of years, gold has been a trusted currency and with the shaky nature of today’s monetary systems, the value of gold coins is still very high.

Collector’s coins and bullion represent gold coins that are available. Collector’s coins are an interesting investment, capitalizing on their quality, scarcity and desirability to earn amazing prices, like the $7.59 million brought by an extremely rare 1933 Saint Gaudens American Eagle. Professional coin certification and the incredible prices have made rare coins an excellent investment opportunity.

Bullion has also added to the value of gold coins. Bullion has been produced by the United States Mint since 1986, and it has been an important part of gold investment. American Eagles, American Buffalos, the Presidential $1 coins and now the Presidential First Ladies coins have been purchased aggressively by many investors. These coins not only enjoy the benefit of gold prices that have increased nearly 300% in the past decade, they also offer great security to those that hold them. Bullion is a very good short-term investment that allows people to own an asset that retains value no matter what happens with the economy.

Appreciating the value of gold coins means understanding their history, their profitability and the security they provide. As the global economy struggles and the supply of gold dwindles, gold coins appear to offer a strong investment moving into the future as well. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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