June 5, 2009 – US gold coins are some of the most widely recognized precious metal products available at the moment, and the American Eagle coin in particular is the most popular bullion coinage in the world, while the $20 Saint-Gaudens is the most popular investment grade certified rare coin. As you may already know, there are many different types of US gold coins available for investment purposes, and typically, investors purchase them depending on their investment goals and needs. If you seek short-term profit potential, you may be better off purchasing bullion coinages such as the American Eagles and American Buffaloes, yet if you seek longer-term preservation potential then you may be better off purchasing investment-grade rare coins such as the $20 Saint Gaudens or $10 Indian Heads. Always remember that precious metal investing varies from investor to investor, meaning that you should fully analyze your investment portfolio before making a diversification in order to analyze your goals and needs before purchasing a product that may not be right for you.

By around 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, the majority of US gold coins are losing value today as a direct result of a stronger United States Dollar, yet several market analysts believe that a rebound is imminent next week because the dollar is expected to continue its losses in the short-term. Gold is currently trading at $954.80 per ounce, falling $25.60 while silver is currently trading at $15.25 per ounce, falling $.63. Keep a close eye on the Dollar Index, especially since both metals and the fiat currency are currently trading in inverse directions.

Shannon King

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