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September 3, 2009 – When it comes to investing with precious metals, no other coins hold the global prominence and respect that US gold coins do. For decades, US gold coins have shined as some of the ultimate safe haven investment tools, and since 2001 in particular they have increased in value more than 300%, outperforming many other investing markets including stocks, bonds and real estate. When looking to begin an investment with these popular coinages, it’s very important that you understand what you seek from the gold market in order to determine the types of coins that could be best for you. US gold coin can be divided into two completely different categories, the first one being the modern-day American Eagles and the second one being the pre-1933 Double Eagles. Profit-seeking investors tend to stick with the modern-day American Eagles while preservation-seeking investors tend to stick with the pre-1933 Double Eagles. It’s very important that you enter the market with the correct coinages in order to maximize your profit or wealth preservation potential.

Purchasing US gold coins is as simple as contacting a reputable nationwide precious metal dealer that can help you shift your current wealth into gold. The process could be done in minutes, and typically you can have the coins at your door within a few days. Companies like the Certified Gold Exchange specialize in helping investors maximize investment potential with useful strategies, plus they are one of the only nationwide dealers that offer free delivery. For more information on the options available to you with precious metals, feel free to browse this website or visit

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