The Gold and Silver Retirement

In this day, American workers are aware that pensions are falling by the wayside and Social Security is far from enough to meet the full needs of retirement. The stock-market-based retirement is currently the default option for many, even though the fixation on that form of retirement investment may be too pervasive.

There are other options available for American workers saving and investing for their retirement. The addition of gold and silver to a retirement portfolio is a stunningly good choice in today’s market, despite the volatility of the dips we often hear about. On a longer-term basis, gold and silver are the perfect choice for our retirees, as the metals require little maintenance in a portfolio and the fundamentals of the market almost without exception point to higher prices in coming years.

Over the past 10 years, gold has had an average annual return of 15.2 percent and silver has maintained an average return of about 21 percent. Many workers who watch their IRA can hardly report even a doubling of its value. Even with equities markets currently at multi-year highs, the average IRA is more likely to be just returning to its 2007 values.

Often, investors also feel good about owning something physical with their hard-earned money, rather than a lot of paper or digital figures. The satisfaction that comes from owning physical gold and silver is truly an experience worth having, particularly for those who are working towards maintaining themselves in their futures.

Holding your retirement also cuts out the management fees of retirement accounts, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Many workers and retirees, who receive only a prospectus once a year, can view those management fees as exorbitant.

Gold and silver, particularly physical gold and silver, are also one of the easiest investments to inherit or to pass on to your children. There is no transfer fee or taxes to the transaction if you pass gold and silver coin on to your children. Perhaps the satisfaction of passing a gold or silver coin to one you love beats out all other investment options in and of itself.

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