Strong Sales for Gold and Silver Eagles

February 7, 2010 – In spite of the recent bad news for precious metal prices, both gold and silver American Eagles enjoyed strong sales in January, according to the US Mint. Gold Eagles started their sales with a bang, beginning the year with 50,000 new and almost 19,000 coins from 2009 being sold in the first two days they were available, while Silver Eagles launched 2010 with a record-setting January.

Due to leftover coins from 2009, the US Mint required 2009s to be sold with 2010s for both gold and silver American Eagles. This fact did nothing to dampen silver bullion sales as 3,225,000 of the 2010-dated coins were sold along with 367,500 of the 2009s for a January total of 3,592,500 silver Eagle coins.

That number alone is impressive, but even more so when considering that only one time, January 2008, have more than two million sold in the first month of the year. This also comes at a time when precious metal prices have been struggling against the dollar and a silver shortage delayed production. This amazing total bodes well for silver investment in 2010.

According to many analysts, silver is undervalued and may due for a rally. Such strong demand for silver American Eagles tends to suggest that many investors feel the same way and want to invest before the market turns upward.

With the economic instability in the world today, gold and silver investment has the potential to be extremely profitable. Investors should look at their portfolios and consider adding these precious metals while prices have corrected and before another rally begins.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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