As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe intensifies, more Americans are asking how to buy gold and silver.

November 23, 2011 – As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe intensifies, more Americans are asking how to buy gold and silver. The flight to sound money and real money follows on the heels of the bankruptcy of MF Global this week, a bank led by former Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine. Reuters is now reporting that a previously thought $600 million in missing customer funds is actually closer to $1.2 billion. I guess the difference is only a couple decimal points of their customer’s money, right?

Americans are a smart people and they know that enough is enough in the banking sector. Banks cannot be trusted to act responsibly and Washington is the last place to put your dreams. Ironically, the failure of the Congressional Super Committee to reduce the budget deficit, which it was explicitly formed in order to do, will probably benefit the price of gold and silver. The political mismanagement of the economic problems are yet another signal to Americans that it is time now to move your money to a solid asset with an inherent value that has been the best store of wealth since ancient Rome.

Gold and silver are the natural antidote to the problem we are facing as a nation, politically and economically, and Americans know it. Interestingly, it is also young Americans, who have seen several boom and bust cycles in the market and have a somewhat more skeptical attitude toward traditional investment, that make up about half of the new investors in gold and silver.

The numbers say they’re right to do so. Central banks, it was reported this week, have hit forty-year highs in their gold buying. Gold is up 21 percent year to date and has outperformed the S&P by 24 percent. And from January 2010 to June 2011, silver increased more than 100 percent while gold increased 34 per cent. Gold and silver has been, is, and will be the place to be.

In answer to the question, how to buy gold and silver? Any way you can.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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