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July 15, 2009 – A rally with safe haven assets is occurring today as many investors are comparing silver to gold, especially since both precious metals have shown their own unique market movement since the beginning of the year. When comparing silver to gold, it’s very important that you understand how each metal has performed in the past during different economic conditions. One of the best ways to do this is by taking some time to analyze historical charts and graphs, and you can find many of them on reputable websites such as and

By 4 PM Eastern Standard Time, the gold spot price is sitting at $939 per ounce, jumping up $13.70 for the trading day while the silver spot price is sitting at $13.26 per ounce, jumping up $.39 for the trading day.

Historically, silver has been considered an industrial metal that is more speculative as an investment, yet in the past few years, investors and market analysts have realized that the metal holds significant investment potential, especially since many consider it to be “undervalued” when compared to other assets. On the other hand, gold has been considered a store of wealth metal that could serve as a good investment because it tends to increase in value when dollar-backed assets flounder. As you can see, both metals have proven their investment potential throughout the years, and between 2001-2008 they increased in value more than 300% while stock, bond and real estate markets contracted significantly. If you seek further information on either one of these prestigious markets, feel free to browse this website for useful strategies that could help you maximize your investment potential.

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