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November 12, 2009 – Silver and gold investments have made substantial gains in recent years, and our recession appears to be intensifying the upward trend in these metals. Even on days when investors take profits, which would decrease spot prices under normal circumstances, the weakening dollar has boosted gold prices.

Because of our nation’s worsening financial situation, and the subsequent increased demand for safe-haven assets, the gold price has repeatedly broken historic records during the past two months. After reaching $850 in the last high inflationary cycle of the 1970s, some skeptical economists stated in 2008 that the gold spot price would never exceed $1033 in the current cycle. That figure was reached a year and a half ago, and our government’s malevolent manipulation of financial markets has artificially repressed gold prices.

Our leaders want investors to pour their money into stocks and other dollar-backed assets, not gold and other assets that can be privately stored. American investors have recognized the fact that our government’s plan isn’t working, and it is in fact making things much worse for us in the long run. These wise investors turn to hard assets to seek safety during these tumultuous times.

Fear of another national depression has caused investors to buy physical silver and gold, so these metals have risen dramatically in value recently. The gold price is now at a record-high $1119, and silver is poised to break the $18 per ounce barrier yet again. If gold and silver prices continue to rise, investors who bought those metals for wealth preservation will also be able to take profits that will help to offset losses in other areas of their portfolios. If you believe that gold and silver could provide your portfolio with needed security, call us today to gather research material or get started. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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