June 3, 2009 – Comparing silver to gold is common amongst precious metal investors, especially since both metals hold their own benefits and risks that make them both unique yet similar in their own ways. When comparing silver to gold, it’s important that you understand that both metals are seen as a safe haven diversification to investors. This generally means that people flock to them as a hedge from vulnerabilities with fiat currencies and mainstream investing markets. As you may already know, the price of gold is significantly higher than the price of silver, and this is why gold is commonly referred to as an elite investment while silver is commonly referred to as a more affordable and speculative investment. Don’t let this fool you, however, because if we compare silver to gold’s profit this year it seems like the white metal has profited far more than the yellow metal based on significantly higher demand for a more affordable safe haven diversification. This being said, always make sure that you deal with a precious metal expert before making any investment decision, and don’t forget to browse our website if you seek further information on products and pricing.

By around 4:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, precious metal spot prices are headed in the downward direction, and gold is currently sitting at $963.70 per ounce, falling $17.40 for the day while silver is currently sitting at $15.35 per ounce, falling $.61 for the day. Several short-term market forecasts are expecting spot prices to rebound by Friday if the United States Dollar extends its losses for the week.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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