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September 9, 2009 – Silver Maple Leaf coins posted a slight gain in early trading Wednesday morning, due to a $0.14 rise in the spot price of silver as of 1pm EST. Individuals and institutions who are wary of the US banking system are shifting funds away from paper assets and into physical metals such as the silver Maple Leaf coins. Silver, along with other commodities, is projected to rise in value as the end of the year draws near.

The World Economic Forum announced yesterday that the United States banking system ranks 108 out of 133 in terms of stability and solvency. This pushed the prices of gold and silver higher as investors looked for alternatives to holding the US Dollar. Silver Maple Leaf coins are popular with investors who are looking for a hard asset that is easily liquid. For a small "per ounce" premium over the spot price of silver, investors can purchase the Canadian coinage. Some investors use the Maple Leaf coins as a short-term investment inside of retirement accounts, while others take delivery of the metal and store it themselves.

The trend inside the United States is for investors to use the Canadian coinage, along with all other bullion bars and coins, as short-term investment vehicle. Pre-1933 US silver coins such as the Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar have also seen increased demand recently, especially by those planning to hold the metal long-term. Commodities brokers attribute this to the growing number of individuals who are leaving behind traditional avenues of investing, such as stocks and real etate, and they expect the trend to continue as long as the recession worsens.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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