Silver Koala Works to Boost Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales

The latest monthly sales figures for gold and silver sold in coins and minted products shows gold sales dipped from the prior month and silver sales increased at the Perth Mint of Australia. The increase in silver sales is partially attributed to the release of the 2013 Australian Koala silver bullion coins.

In November 2012, sales of gold coins and minted products reached 47,850.77 troy ounces, a decrease of 11.78 percent from the month prior. The release of the Australian Lunar Series Year of the Snake Coins in September and the Australian kangaroo gold coins in October had helped drive sales higher over the previous months.

No new gold bullion coins were released during November and a decrease in sales may have been expected, but levels were still relatively high compared with earlier months in this year. Only September and October surpassed November sales levels in gold.

The Australian Koala silver bullion coins were released on November 5, 2012. They feature a new design of the koala sitting in the fork of tree. The 99.9 percent silver coins are available in one-half ounce, one ounce, ten ounce, and one kilo sizes with no maximum mintage set.

The Perth Mint started publicly reporting results in March of 2012 and the latest monthly sales of silver coins and minted products represent the second highest monthly total since the beginning of reporting.

New products from the Mint are highly anticipated and often contribute to higher coin sales. Because mintage often needs special authorization, the news of planned coins reaches the market long before the actual coins. In the U.S., Congress just agreed to mint four coin designs commemorating the life and work of American writer Mark Twain. The bill was put through congress and this past week the President signed it into law. The coin will be minted in 2016.

The silver koala newly offered by the Perth Mint combines the important mining of Australia and the koala, an animal beloved by the Australian people. The very popular Lunar Series of coinage includes animals important to the Chinese zodiac. The Perth Mint also has feature animals such as the crocodile and the kangaroo, animals native to the continent and important to the people.

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