June 1, 2009 – Silver and gold bullion investments are well known for being safe haven diversifications, and today I would like to focus on different types of safe haven assets and how you could use them to your benefit. The term “safe haven” basically refers to an asset that investors flock to for safety from problems with mainstream investing markets, usually stocks, bonds and real estate. As you may already know, there are many different types of bars and coins that are available for investing purposes, and this is why researching the market and finding out exactly what is right for you is crucial when looking to maximize your investment potential. The two most common precious metal products are silver and gold bullion bars/coins and silver and gold certified rare coins. Bullion bars and coins usually benefit investors who want short-term profit because they hold a small premium above the spot price, plus they fluctuate closely to the spot price, meaning that an investor could obtain quick profit if they purchased low and sold high. On the other hand, certified rare coins usually benefit investors who want long-term preservation because they have historically shown to give investors more profit when held over a longer period of time, plus they are deemed non-confiscate by the United States Government, unlike silver and gold bullion.

By around 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, both precious metals are seeing minor declines for the trading day, and the gold spot price currently sits at $978.50 per ounce, down $1.10 while the silver spot price currently sits at $15.61 per ounce, down $.18.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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