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June 4, 2009 – In the past two months, the overall demand for safe haven precious metals has risen considerably, and masses of wise American investors have purchased gold and silver coins with hopes of preserving their hard-earned wealth with some of history’s most preservative assets. Today I would like to focus on silver coins because the metal has significantly outperformed gold this year in terms of short-term profit potential. There are two different types of silver coinages that are available to investors, modern-day bullion coins and investment grade certified rare coins. The most popular modern-day bullion products are the American Eagles and the Canadian Maple Leafs, while the most popular investment grade certified rare coins are the Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars. I typically recommend the American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs to investors who seek short-term profit, while on the other hand I typically recommend the Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars to investors who seek long-term wealth preservation. Always make sure that you speak with a precious metal expert before beginning any diversification in order to find out which product may be best for your investment portfolio.

By around 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, both gold and silver coins are shooting up in value as their spot prices continue heading in the upward direction despite yesterday’s small slump, and gold is sitting at around $979.30 per ounce, moving up $16.70 for the day while silver is sitting at around $15.87 per ounce, moving up $.56 for the day.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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