April 2, 2009 – Saint-Gaudens gold coins are becoming increasingly popular as precious metal investors are beginning to diversify into certified rare coinages in order to expand their investment potential with an asset that historically preserves and profits better than bullion products when used as a long-term investment. Today the Saint-Gaudens gold coins are holding on strong to their value while the gold spot price falls more than $20 based on speculation that the United States is recovering from this financial crisis. What several investors don’t understand is the fact that our government has pumped trillions of dollars into this economy in order to recover it, and most likely the end result of all this pumping could be hyperinflation. In the past, hyperinflation has been beneficial to the value of precious metals, especially safe haven metals like gold and silver.

During the midday trading hours the Saint-Gaudens gold coins are maintaining virtually unaffected by the falling spot price of the metal that currently sits at $906.30 per ounce, down $21.20 for the trading day yet still up $22.80 in the last 365 trading days while the silver spot price falls six cents to around $12.97 per ounce. Both metals could become some of the best investments to own during this worsening financial crisis as investors began to flock to store of wealth assets instead of unstable stocks and bonds. Fortunately, wise investors can purchase these coinages directly from the Certified Gold Exchange at a competitive price while spot prices are relatively lower than expected. Invest well.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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