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During an era when the global economy has struggled and the United States dollar has tumbled in value, many investors have benefitted from the purchase gold coins. With a variety of coins to buy and numerous investment strategies available, the purchase of gold coins has been a solid investment for the past decade and appears to be positioned to move forward going into the next decade.

The purchase of gold coins can occur in the form of either gold bullion or certified gold coins. Bullion can be purchased from a number of countries and includes American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, Austria Philharmonics and Chinese Pandas. Many investors prefer bullion because it provides coins that can be held and even used in the case of financial crisis.

The purchase of gold coins can also be made with certified rare coins. There are coins from all parts of the world that are valuable because of their rarity and condition. These coins generally sell for prices far above the worth of their gold and can provide an excellent long-term investment option. These coins often appreciate in value regardless of the price of gold and have proven to be a very safe haven, having twice avoided confiscation by the US government.

With a wobbly world economy and continued weakness in the US dollar, the purchase of gold coins has provided a great investment platform, with gold rising to nearly 400% of its value at the beginning of 2000. This steady growth has allowed investors to profit from the purchase of gold coins.

Shannon King

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