March 31, 2009 -North American precious metal companies are beginning to see substantial amounts of long-term investors interested in beginning a diversification in gold and silver because both metals have been referred to as the ultimate assets to own when fears of inflation and other negative economic factors are imminent. Safe haven demand has increased significantly in the last few years as wise investors around the nation began to rethink their investment decisions by shifting stocks and bonds into physical position gold and silver. Precious metal companies have benefited from this rally to store of wealth assets and according to several market analysts, we are only in the middle of the current inflationary cycle. This being said, there could be heavy movement with financial markets down the road, which in turn could mean more and more Americans turning to the profit and preservation potential of precious metals as the financial crisis continues.

During the midday trading hours, the gold spot price currently sits at $920.80 per ounce, up five dollars for the trading day while the silver spot price sits at $12.84, down $.22 for the trading day. It’s odd to see both metals running in opposite directions, and this is being seen based on the fact that gold in particular is acting as an alternative to currencies since so many people fear a devalued dollar in the near future. Invest well and don’t forget to diversify your assets with precious metal companies such as the Certified Gold Exchange in order to maximize your potential in the market.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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