Pre-1933 Gold And Silver Coins

October 30, 2009 – The fluctuations of our nation’s economic health throughout the last three years have influenced many investors to research pre-1933 gold and silver coins. These coins are not appropriate for all investors, but some Americans may derive benefit from owning some pre-1933 gold and silver coins. Prior to 1933, the US Mint produced a wide variety of gold and silver coinage, and today’s investors buy certified versions of these coins for long-term profit and instant privacy.

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) examine, grade, and protect historic US coins with a hard plastic holder. These holders not only protect the coin’s beauty and numismatic value; they also clearly display the coin’s Mint State grading and its individual serial number. The MS64 Saint Gaudens and the MS61 $20 Lady Liberty are two of the most popular investment-grade coins, and both of these coins were minted using US-mined gold. These coins have historically been more profitable than gold bullion products, and have recently exhibited a three-to-one ratio during the last eight months.

Silver investors need not feel ignored by the certified coin market, because the US Mint also produced the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Peace Dollar prior to 1933. These coins cost substantially more than silver bullion, and they tend to provide more profit than bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle. The impressive thing about pre-1933 gold and silver coins is not their historic profitability, or the profits that they could potentially render throughout the next decade. These certified rarities are non-confiscatable in the event of a second bullion confiscation by our government. Contact to learn more about the 1933 bullion confiscation, or speak with a Certified Gold Exchange specialist directly at 800-300-0715

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