Post-1986 Certified Gold, Silver Coins Could See Drop in Demand, Analysts Say

Both gold and silver posted impressive gains on the first day of trading after the Labor Day weekend, with gold finishing up $13 at $1416 per ounce and silver rising $0.75 per ounce to finish with a spot price of $24.28. Gold made a 1 percent gain today and its value has increased by 7.5 percent in the last month but is still down 16 percent from one year ago. Silver is down 22 percent in the last 365 days but jumped by more than 20 percent in August and made even more progress with a 3 percent gain today.

While investors have obviously been flocking to the gold and silver markets via bullion bars, bullion coins, certified coins and derivatives, one segment of the gold and silver markets could see a decline in demand as information on gold and silver investing becomes more accessible to the masses, according to analysts at Researchers have said that modern-day (post-1986) U.S. gold and silver coins that have been certified by PCGS or NGC have been immensely popular during the last few years, but a push by marketers of other gold and silver investments could cause a change in investing trends.

“Savvy marketers started selling brand new coins that were placed in PCGS and NGC holders and sold as collectibles,” said Brandon Hansen, researcher for Investors bit hard on the coins at first, but now people are realizing that these are simply brand new bullion coins that have been graded and tacked on to a massive premium, and as a result they are shifting funds into St. Gaudens and Liberty Head Double Eagles, the original certified gold coins.”

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