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November 5, 2009 – Physical gold and silver investments have provided investors with safe-haven security and sizable profits in the past few years, and spot prices for both of these metals have spiked significantly this week. Many economists thought that physical gold and silver contracts would decrease in volume and in value leading up to the holiday season, but it appears as though investors are not taking profits to satisfy everyone on their gift list.

There are many ways to invest in “gold” and ”silver,” but physical gold and silver investments are by far the most widely traveled path by American investors. Derivatives and exchange traded funds (ETFs) may provide some healthy dividends, but there is no substitute for the reliable back-up plan that physical precious metals are for their owners.

In the event of a national financial emergency, such as a collapse of our dollar, palpable assets will reign supreme. Promissory notes and certificates of ownership mean little when food and shelter are lacking. For over 5,000 years, people have placed value in hard assets like gold and silver,and the radical fiduciary policies of our government cannot change that.

Even retirement account investors have contributed to this trend, because they are permitted to store physical gold and silver within their IRAs. Although precious metal IRAs require that the metal remain stored at a depository until the investment is liquidates or mandatory withdraws are taken, this form of investment is much more secure than non-allocated gold and silver investments. Retirement account holders should take advantage of the government’s provision of precious metal IRAs, instead of playing a game of chance with derivative-type investments like gold stocks and pool accounts. Contact at 800-300-0715 to learn more about proper gold and silver diversification, whether for physical delivery or your underperforming IRA or 401K. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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