Netherlands 2013 Peace of Utrecht Gold and Silver Coins

The Royal Dutch Mint has launched three new coins, which will mark the 300th anniversary of the treaty of Utrecht, an agreement attained through diplomacy between the opposing factions in the War of the Spanish Succession that established a peace between Great Britain, Portugal, Savoy, and the Dutch Republic.

Though the war was fought mostly in Europe, it did also spread to the colonies in North America between the armies from England and Spain as they struggled for control of the greater territories on the continent.

The treaty of Utrecht was the first of three that finally ended the war of succession and was signed in the Dutch city and saw the accession of the Duke of Anjou as Philip V to the throne in Spain. The even was particularly important as it saw the ceding of the Spanish Netherlands in present day Belgium to Hapsburg rule, which came to be known as the Austrian Netherlands. The province was reunited with the Dutch Republic in 1813 in order to create the United Kingdom of the Netherlands under the rule of the Price of Orange who became King William I of the Netherlands.

The coins come in gold and silver and also a silver-plated example and pay tribute to not only the peace treaty or Utrecht but to all peace, which shapes the world. The coins also have a significance for the Netherlands as they will the last to bear the likeness of Queen Beatrix who will abdicate on the 30th of April as the Dutch Head of State. Her eldest son, the Prince of Orange, will become King Willem-Alexander on that day.

Mintage of the coin has been set at 2,000 pieces for the proof quality .900 gold coin and 12,500 pieces for the proof quality .925 silver coin.

The design of the coin is the work of Erno Langenber and contains elements of both the treaty and the delegations who were signatories. On both the obverse and the reverse, a wreath of 35 quill pens surrounds a central element. On the reverse a stylized globe forms a crest of Utrecht. Each quill contributes a line to the linear design, representing a contribution to the treaty and to peace.

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