Morgan Silver Dollars

February 11, 2009 – Morgan silver dollars along with most investment grade certified coinages and precious metals are increasing in value significantly today as the higher safe haven appeal is driving many new investors to purchase as much of it as they can. Today investors have seen gold reach its seven-month high and has increased $50 in value in the last two trading days, not bad considering that equities, crude oil and the United States Dollar are tumbling at the moment. Investors are preparing their assets for a significant increase in precious metal prices that can result due to the higher inflation that we could see within the next few months as a result of the approved stimulus plan. Morgan silver dollars and certified coinages could prove to be an excellent investment alternative to equities and even bullion products since they historically profit a bit better in the long run than most other investments.

Today Morgan silver dollars are rising side-by-side with the silver spot price that has increased $.41 into the area of $13.55 while gold moves of $28 to around $943 per ounce. Both gold and silver have proved their investment potential during early 2009 and with the recent rallies to the metal it’s possible that their record highs could be surpassed this year as a result of such a high investment demand for anything that can act as a store of wealth. I wish you the best luck when investing in precious metals.

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