Morgan Silver Dollar

December 11, 2009 – The Morgan Silver Dollar was produced by the US Mint from 1878 to 1904, and it was also produced for one more year in 1921. Many of today’s investors have lined their portfolio with varying grades of PCGS-certified Morgan Silver Dollars and peace Silver Dollars. These coins could come in handy if the dollar collapses, because rare and unusual gold and silver coins such as these could be used to barter and trade with.

It is highly unlikely that a barter and trade situation could present itself, however, because our government would likely act as it did historically and confiscate gold bullion from US citizens to strengthen the dollar. When this happened in 1933, it forced US citizens to utilize dollar-backed assets, and our nation’s future was preserved. Whether or not another bullion confiscation ill occur remains to be seen, so many investors have taken it upon themselves to protect their hard-earned wealth before our failing financial markets fluctuate further.

Morgan Silver Dollar coins that have been certified as “Uncirculated Mint State” coins by PCGS have a historical track record of outpacing the growth of silver bullion prices when utilized for long-term (14 months or longer) holds. These coins have remained in near-perfect condition for 90 years on the young end, and they have been deemed private purchases and rare collectibles by our government.

You may like to purchase Morgan Silver Dollars if you are interested in storing your wealth in precious metals, as so many investors have recently done. Visit to see the average retail prices for US silver coins, or contact directly to receive live discounted prices on the most often-used investment-grade coins. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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