November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009 – The precious metal market is vast and ever-growing, so investors who are new to this industry should have a little background information before getting started. It is important to choose your gold and silver investments carefully because each and every dollar counts, especially throughout the tough times that we look to be enduring for some time to come. Americans who want to invest in gold and silver for a short-term play (1-14 months) should utilize bullion items. Many modern-day gold and silver investments are available from thousands of precious metal dealerships, so each investor should carefully determine what type of coin or bar best suits his or her needs.

The US Mint produces the American Eagle coin in gold and silver, and many stateside investors have lined their portfolios with this type of holding. Though slightly more expensive than some other modern-day gold and silver investments, American Eagles only use gold and silver that was mined within US borders. The Canadian Maple Leaf is slightly less expensive, and this coin is also available in both gold and silver. The Royal Canadian Mint only uses pure (0.999 fine) gold and silver for these coins, and Canadian Maple Leafs are renowned for being minted with faultless blanks.

Investors who prefer an even less expensive bullion item should contact a dealer that offers bullion bars, preferably minted by a reputable company such as Credit Suisse, Johnson-Matthey, or Engelhard. These bars have been widely and successfully utilized by short-term investors for years, but investors who want to buy and hold for years or decades should consider a different type of gold and silver. Certified gold and silver coins usually outperform bullion over the long-term, so investors who want to progressively appreciate their portfolios should visit for more information about these American rarities. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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