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June 23, 2009 – The latest gold and silver prices are gaining strength from a weakening United States Dollar Index and speculation saying that the fiat currency could continue devaluing as the financial crisis shows signs of further worsening. Tracking the latest gold and silver spot prices is crucial when investing in precious metals, because just like stock indexes, spot prices fluctuate on a daily basis depending on supply and demand for the metals. Many precious metal investors don’t keep a close eye on the latest gold and silver prices, yet it is crucial because it could help you maximize both short-term profit and long-term wealth preservation potential by allowing you to forecast where prices are headed. The latest short-term market projections from leading market analysts are saying that spot prices could begin picking up momentum by next week if the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting creates negative investor sentiment with the dollar and mainstream investing markets. This being said, it is highly recommend that you keep a close eye on the Dollar Index because any further weakness with it could create significant safe haven demand into safe haven metals.

By around 3:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, the latest gold and silver prices are continuing their slow but steady increases, and currently gold is sitting at $934.90 per ounce, up $2.60 for the day while silver is sitting at $14.18 per ounce, up one cent for the day. If you seek further information on how to track spot prices, feel free to browse our website in order to learn more about this very interesting market.

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