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February 12, 2009 – Certified investment grade rare coins like the Lady Liberty coins and Saint-Gaudens coins are proving their investment potential by increasing in value significantly over the last few weeks as a result of the rallies to precious metals and pretty much anything else that acts as a safe haven investment. The reason so many people are looking for safe haven assets and store of wealth investments is because the economy could experience high inflation and further problems with the equities markets, which makes it ideal to own products like Lady Liberty coins at the moment. A recent article that I read said that the former United States Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan is one of the main people to blame for the recession that we are in right now. Although correct in certain aspects, we also have to blame our own selves, especially since many American citizens have put themselves in sticky situations by borrowing money that they can never pay back. For the next few years we could experience some negative fluctuation with many investment markets but luckily those who own Lady Liberty coins and precious metals could preserve themselves during this difficult time.

Today all precious metals spot prices are increasing, with gold moving up to $948.40 per ounce and silver moving up one sent to around $13.54 per ounce. Certified investment-grade rare coins are projected to see increases of about 50% to 75% s long as the economy continues its downward motion. Let’s hope that everything works out well for everybody. I wish you the best luck when investing in precious metals.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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