Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

March 3, 2009 – Gold and silver have slipped in the past week as short-term profit taking investors begin to sell their medals in order to hedge their wealth from the instable equity markets. Many wise investors have begun to take advantage of the significantly lower prices and they are purchasing products such as Johnson Matthey silver bars and Suisse gold bars in order to possibly profit from the rally to precious metals that could occur in the upcoming weeks. In other financial news, stocks made some small gains this morning but then started to slip during the afternoon trading hours after closing to their lowest level in over a decade yesterday. People are starting to witness the problems with the economy that could end up much worse in the near future and thus they are purchasing Johnson Matthey silver bars and practically any other safe haven asset just in case things continue spiralling down.

Spot prices for precious metals are showing rather high amounts of selling today, which has brought the gold spot price to $914.80 per ounce and the silver spot price to $12.79 per ounce. Just last week gold was trading higher around $1000 per ounce and silver was at nearly $15 per ounce, and market analysts believe that these values could be seen again and possibly even surpassed as other financial markets flounder and wise investors continue to rally towards precious metals such as Johnson Matthey silver bars, American Eagles and $20 Saint-Gaudens coins.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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